From the Co-Op’s good friend, Cliff Ramos:

Many of you read my first eBook, Backroads, No Plan, Good Deeds, & Pee Wee.  My second eBook is now available! This edition is only the 2017 trip, and is the ninth of a series of journals that chronicles my random travels across America.

Traveling with me this past summer were Pee Wee (Steve West) and for the second time, my friend Barry Gillespie. We flew to Las Vegas first and then started our back-roads wandering from there.

We met a lot of people, took in many breathtaking views, and, as has been the goal each trip, carried out as many good deeds as we could. The good deeds led to donations to the Lawrenceville Co-Op, and pushed total donations to this Christian food bank to over $11,000.

I think you will find this year’s version interesting – it’s told from a very different perspective. It’s a very quick read, accompanied by some great photos.  And as usual, there is humor, there is emotion, there is shock and awe, and there’s a spiritual side as well. The book is available on Amazon: Backroads, No Plan, Good Deeds, and Pee Wee: Trip #9 of My Random Annual Summertime Trek Across America.