The Co-Op’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the Lawrenceville Co-Op will be moving during Spring 2018 to a new location at 52 Gwinnett Drive, next to Lawrenceville Elementary School and across the street from Central Gwinnett High School. The building formerly housed the Gwinnett County Board of Education.

Co-Op Executive Director Tom Balog explains the reasons for the relocation, as well as the Co-Op’s opportunities and partnership needs for the coming months:

Why is the Co-Op moving?
Tom: More than a year ago, we learned that the City of Lawrenceville wished to buy the Co-Op’s current building on Church Street. That building is part of the 32 acres that the City is acquiring to be developed as the South Lawn project. So the Co-Op needed to find a new location. The City Council has been generous in working with us on the purchase of our current location and in helping us find this new location inside the city limits.

How did the Co-Op make this decision?
Tom: In January, the Co-Op’s Board of Directors began a comprehensive search process to find our new home. As part of that process, we regularly prayed that God would lead us to where He wanted us to go. And we prayed that we would be open and receptive to God’s guidance. Every Monday afternoon for several months, some of us met at the Co-Op for group prayer about this decision. When the Board finally voted on the proposed purchase of the building at 52 Gwinnett Drive, it was a unanimous “Yes” from all Board members, followed by spontaneous prayers of thanks to God.

Why will 52 Gwinnett Drive be a good location for the Co-Op?
Tom: We wanted to be somewhere convenient to our clients, preferably on the Gwinnett County bus line and with sufficient parking spaces to accommodate both clients and our numerous volunteers. We looked all over the city, as well as just outside the city limits. When nothing that was available seemed to meet our needs, we even contemplated constructing a new building on land to be acquired. But God was leading us in another direction, and we’re excited about what will be possible at the new location.

What all will change for the Co-Op after the move?
Tom: We’re just beginning to talk about what all may be possible in the new building. Our vision is that 52 Gwinnett Drive will become a center that houses not only the Co-Op, but other ministries as well. We’re in conversation with some other non-profit organizations that provide services that complement those of the Co-Op. Over time, we hope that our new building will become a true ministry center focused on alleviating and, with God’s help, eventually eliminating both hunger and homelessness in Lawrenceville and Dacula.

Can others help the Co-Op with this relocation?
Tom: Yes! First, pray for us. Pray that we are able to make this move without adverse impact on our clients and that the new building proves to be a blessing that glorifies God by strengthening this community. Second, we are beginning a capital funds drive so that we can have the lowest possible mortgage necessary to buy the new building. Every dollar that is not spent on the mortgage will be an additional dollar available for client services. Finally, in the coming weeks and months, we will be seeking volunteers to help with:

  • Space planning
  • Construction assistance to modify the building’s interior to best meet our needs
  • Painting
  • Gardening and lawn care
  • Trucks and vans to help in the actual move
  • And things we haven’t even thought of yet!

If you or someone you know can help in any of these areas and are willing to donate time and/or materials to help in this process, please contact me at

How can churches and individuals contribute to the Co-Op’s building fund?
Tom: Checks payable to the “Lawrenceville Cooperative Ministry” can be mailed or sent through online banking to the Lawrenceville Co-Op at P.O. Box 1328, Lawrenceville GA 30046. Be sure to indicate that the contribution is for the “Building Fund.” Contributions can also be made online through PayPal by clicking HERE. When using PayPal, look for the line that says “Add special instructions to the seller” and type in “Building Fund” before finalizing your donation.