A special thanks to Cliff Ramos and Steve West (Pee Wee), for their continued support of the Lawrenceville Co-Op. Cliff has written an e-book about their adventures over the past eight years, as he explains below:

As many of you know, my buddy Steve West (Pee Wee) and I have done a summertime random road trip on America’s back roads. I have written journals to chronicle each of the past eight trips – starting with the 2009 journey then up to the 2016 trip. Now all eight have been combined in an eBook – “Backroads, No Plan, Good Deeds, & Pee Wee” is now available on Amazon.

I think you will enjoy reading the chronicles of our trips. Staying off the interstates. Meeting interesting and bizarre people. Marveling at some of the fantastic wonders in this great nation. Travelling with my best friend, a zany man with very few inhibitions who is often the entertainment for the trip. And doing our best to carry out three good deeds per day for total strangers.

Forty-three states and counting have been visited. There have been majestic sites such as Yellowstone and Yosemite. Then emotional stops at Columbine and Kent State Memorials and others. Spiritual feelings arise from time to time at places like the Field of Dreams in Iowa, or at the top of Trail Ridge Road in the Rockies. The bizarre has happened with visits to Ohio’s Most Perfect Tree, some jail time in Indiana, and relieving ourselves in Hitler’s toilet at a small town auto-repair shop in New Jersey.

There is humor, there is emotion, there is shock and awe, occasional danger, and a spiritual aspect always seems to pop up out of nowhere.

Hopefully the book does well enough to reach my goal of $5,000 for the Lawrenceville Co-Op.

CLICK HERE to get your copy of “Backroads, No Plan, Good Deeds, & Pee Wee.”