The Co-Op’s new Church Advisory Council met for the first time on Thursday evening, February 11. A total of 27 persons from area churches convened to learn how this new Council will help strengthen communication and connections between the Co-Op and local churches. Special thanks are extended to Special Kneads and Treats, which provided complimentary cupcakes for the gathering.

A major focus of this first Council meeting was on the Faith Community Network established by Gwinnett Medical Center, as well as on the associated Faith Community Nursing program. The local heads of these programs, Mary Cooper (left) and Cheryl Wunsch (right), explained program details and answered questions. Co-Op Director Linda Freund described her vision for how churches and the Co-Op might partner to make these services available to Co-Op clients who do not have a church home. Council members were urged to talk with their churches about joining the Faith Community Network.

The Co-Op’s Church Advisory Council is expected to meet at least twice a year, with the next meeting anticipated to be in September 2016. Potential new members of the Church Advisory Council should contact Director Linda Freund for additional details.